Elegance and excellence at the service of the South Korean president’s state visit to Paris

Pride and excitement grip Standing as we have the honor of playing a key role in the South Korean President’s state visit to France. Selected to provide transportation for the South Korean delegation, we view this opportunity as a testament to our commitment to excellence and quality service.

Elegance at the Heart of Hospitality

The state visit is a crucial time to strengthen ties between nations, and Standing is committed to providing a transportation experience that reflects elegance and hospitality. The South Korean delegation deserves the best, and that is exactly what we strive to provide at every stage of their stay in France.

Selected for our Excellence

The South Korean delegation’s decision to choose Standing for its transportation needs only highlights our reputation as a leading luxury transportation company. The quality of our services, combined with our commitment to punctuality and comfort, was the deciding factor in this prestigious selection.

Traveling with complete peace of mind

At the heart of our mission is attention to detail and the comfort of our passengers. Our luxury vehicles, combined with our professional team of experienced drivers, guarantee a worry-free trip for the South Korean delegation. We understand the importance of every detail during official visits, and that’s why Standing is the ideal choice to meet these high demands.

A Fruitful Collaboration

This collaboration demonstrates the trust placed in Standing for events of international importance. We are proud to contribute to the success of this state visit and to participate, in our own way, in strengthening ties between France and South Korea.

Standing’s Continuing Commitment

At Standing, our commitment to excellence remains constant. We are delighted to play a crucial role in events of this scale and are determined to maintain our reputation as a trusted partner for luxury travel.

As the South Korean delegation explores the charms of France, Standing is honored to help make their stay as memorable as possible. We look forward to continuing to raise standards and provide exceptional luxury transportation services to our distinguished customers.


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