Eco-luxe Mobility

At Standing, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment. As a transport company, we understand our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and help fight climate change. That’s why we’ve established strategic partnerships with key industry players to provide our customers with an eco-friendly travel experience.

Thanks to our partnership with Volvo and Oleo, we are the first to offer Crit’air 1 coaches, authorized to operate in low-emission zones. You can therefore travel with us with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Opt for eco-friendly transport without compromising on comfort and luxury. Enjoy our spacious coaches and premium services, while preserving our planet for future generations.

We are committed to continuing to invest in innovative technologies and partnerships to stay ahead of the green transportation industry. At Standing, we firmly believe that it is possible to travel comfortably while respecting the environment. Join us today for an exceptional and sustainable travel experience!


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