Standing Paris in the Champions League

Tuesday September 19 will be remembered by football fans around the world. It was the day the Dortmund football team traveled to Paris to face Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the Champions League. It was a highly anticipated match, and to ensure a comfortable and luxury trip for the players, Standing, the luxury coach transport company, was chosen for this exceptional mission.

The Choice of Excellence

The Dortmund football team leaves nothing to chance when it comes to preparing for their top matches. The journey to Paris was a crucial step, and it was essential to guarantee comfort, safety and luxury for the players. This is why Standing was asked to provide transport for the team.

Standing is recognized for its commitment to excellence and its fleet of world-class luxury coaches. Their reputation is not the result of chance, but the result of many years of experience in transporting renowned personalities and sports teams.

The Journey to Victory

The journey from Dortmund to Paris was not just a coach ride. It was an exceptional travel experience, designed to mentally and physically prepare the players for their crucial match. Standing has taken care of every detail, offering luxury amenities like spacious, reclining leather seats, high-speed Wi-Fi to keep gamers connected, premium dining, and much more.

Player comfort was the top priority. Standing ensured that each player was able to relax, prepare mentally and physically, and arrive in tip-top shape for the match. The luxury coach ride helped create an environment conducive to player concentration and preparation.

Match Result

The match which took place at the Parc des Princes was fiercely contested. However, despite their efforts, the Dortmund team was defeated by PSG with a score of 2-0. PSG showed its superiority during this Champions League meeting.

However, for Dortmund, this luxury coach trip with Standing was much more than just a trip. It was an opportunity to prepare with great care and show their determination on the international stage.


Standing has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence by providing luxury coach transport for the Dortmund football team for this Champions League match against PSG. While the result of the match may not have been what the Dortmund team expected, the luxury coach trip will remain a memorable moment for the players.

Standing will continue to highlight its values of excellence, comfort and safety for all its transport missions, whether for personalities, sports teams or demanding customers. Standing’s commitment to quality remains unwavering, and it is reflected in every journey they take.

For more information on Standing’s luxury coach transportation services, feel free to visit their official website. Standing, where excellence is the only path to success.


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