The importance of aesthetics, maintenance and bodywork to our brand image

The appearance of our vehicles is a crucial aspect of our brand image. We pride ourselves on keeping our vehicles in immaculate, clean and tidy condition, which ensures an excellent image for our company.

To ensure the quality of our vehicles, we have set up a dedicated fittings department. This department consists of several people who are specifically responsible for the aesthetic follow-up of our coaches. They ensure that each vehicle is clean and tidy, which is crucial for our brand image.

They are also responsible for the proper functioning of all the comfort elements of our vehicles, such as air conditioning, lights, seats, etc. This ensures that our customers have a comfortable experience when travelling with our vehicles.

In addition, we also take care of the maintenance of our vehicles to ensure their reliability and longevity. We carry out regular checks to ensure that each vehicle is in perfect working order, which is crucial for the safety of our customers.

Finally, we are also proud of the quality of our bodywork. We use high quality materials to build our vehicles, which ensures their longevity and attractive appearance. We are proud of the quality of our fleet and are constantly working to maintain it.

In conclusion, we are proud of the importance we place on the aesthetics, maintenance and bodywork of our vehicles. We believe that these aspects are crucial to our brand image and we are constantly working to improve them. We are proud of the quality of our fleet and will continue to invest in measures to maintain it.


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